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Cromwell Arts Alliance is your community resource for "creative culture in Cromwell." From dance and theater, to painting and writing, to music and multimedia, CAA is committed to inspiring and supporting the arts through programming and cultural enrichment that engages residents of all ages and supports economic development in Cromwell.

  When We Began

The CAA was founded in 2014 by a joint effort of diverse members of the Cromwell community: residents, teachers, students, business owners, library and civic department personnel. With the support of Dr. Paula Talty, former Superintendent of Cromwell Schools, and Mayor Enzo Faienza, the CAA has grown and is supported by many active community members.


  The CAA Today

The CAA received 501c3 non-profit status in 2016. Forming an official non-profit organization allows us to fundraise and offer more quality arts programming to the Cromwell Community!


  Our Goals

Our goals and future projects include:

  • Cultural enrichment through a diverse selection of artistic programming

  • Collaboration and/or mentoring programs between community members of all ages

  • Opportunities to develop artistic skills and techniques

  • Outreach to local artists

  • Venues and events where artists can present their creative work

  • Collaboration between the Cromwell community, local businesses and schools and other regional arts organizations


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