Announcing the 4th Annual Cromwell Arts Alliance Scholarship!
Are you interested in trying something new? Does your child want to take dance or theater? Are you a
college student who is studying the arts? Are you a senior member of the community who wishes to
participate in arts related activities? Once again this year, the Cromwell Arts Alliance will be accepting
applications for the Cromwell Arts Alliance Scholarship!
The Cromwell Arts Alliance recognizes the importance of art in the community, as well as the
importance of education to help to develop the skills and interest of artists, whether they are
established artists, or budding artists. To that end, the CAA annually awards a $500 educational
scholarship to artists who desire to learn new things or strengthen existing skills.

Scholarships are awarded to a Cromwell resident who wishes to further their skills or knowledge of the
Arts, and the scholarship must be used for a course or class related to literary, performing, visual or
technical arts. Courses may be taken at a college/university, community college, continuing or adult
education program, a local arts business or another similar program.

Guidelines and


The scholarship is open to anyone ten years of age or older at the time of application.
For more information, click on the application above.


Please email with any questions.

Applications are due by June 1st 2021.