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Past Scholarship Recipients:


Dillon Danaher used his scholarship for piano lessons.


Chloe Nixdorf used her scholarship for private guitar lessons.


Megan Camilleri is a music education student at University of Hartford. She will use the scholarship funds towards clarinet lessons.


Angela Robak ,10 years old, will use the scholarship funds for singing and piano lessons.



Lori McClain

Used her scholarship money towards voice lessons as well as Laurel Music Camp.


Kendyl Davis

Used her scholarship towards a BFA in Musical Theatre from Western CT State University.


Antonia Davenport

Used her scholarship for singing lessons. 


Kaya Anderson

Used the scholarship towards art supplies needed for during the Fall 2020 semester at Savannah College of Art & Design.


Jillian Millette

Used her scholarship towards tuition for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan. 

Kelly McTeague

Used her scholarship to take guitar lessons offered at a studio in Glastonbury.

Grace Galletta

Used her scholarship to fund her 2019-2020 dance classes at Company N' Tempo.


Claudia Emanuele

Used her scholarship to travel to Ireland with Seton Hall University's Theatre Program. 

Kristine Cropper-Alt

Used her scholarship to rekindle her interest in music and singing.

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