Antonia Davenport

Used her scholarship for singing lessons. Antonia learned about warm-up exercises and found her voice. She said that "getting a scholarship to do my singing lessons made me happy because it meant that I could keep doing what I loved,"


Kaya Anderson

Used the scholarship to cover "the large quantity of art supplies needed for my classes during the Fall 2020 semester at Savannah College of Art & Design. Kaya was very appreciative of the scholarship and stated that "without it I would not have been able to take the leap into my art exploration as freely as I have."


Jillian Millette

Used her scholarship towards tuition for the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Manhattan. She has "been learning everything from waltz to pre- 1960s era musical theatre material to how to build up my song repertoire with songs from musicals like “Mean Girls” to “Urinetown”." "Thank you for helping me fund this amazing opportunity."


Kelly McTeague

Used her scholarship to take guitar lessons offered at a studio in Glastonbury. "Music has always been, and always will be a passion for me and I’m very grateful to the CAA for offering scholarships like this as I know there are many others like me who rely on music as an outlet. Learning guitar has easily become one of the best things to happen in my life, and it's a skill I know I will never forget." 

Grace Galletta

Used her scholarship to fund her 2019-2020 dance classes at Company N' Tempo. Grace told us that the scholarship "came with lots of benefits, it allowed me to take my dance classes, but also allowed me to take more extra-curricular activities after school, for example, ice-skating. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity for further dance education."


Claudia Emanuele

Used her scholarship to travel to Ireland with Seton Hall University's Theatre Program. Claudia told us she visited several Theaters and dis backstage tours and watched some amazing performances. she told us "my favorite being The Abbey Theatre. At this theatre we were given a backstage tour prior to the performance we saw of "The Country Girls". We also went on stage afterward to see what had changed in the wings during the performance." "This trip opened my eyes to International Theatre and the world of the arts across the pond from us. Thank you so much again for supporting me in my endeavor."

Kristine Cropper-Alt

Used her scholarship to rekindle her interest in music and singing.